Welcome to the Next Level Lifestyle Blog

Let me introduce myself, my name is Micah Logan.  Owner of Next Level Fitness & Wellness LLC, Equilibrium Effect, Father, Husband, Son and Brother.  I created this blog because of my 15 years of entrepreneurship and belief that success minded people need a place to get and stay motivated and to have a one stop shop of recommendations and advice that will keep you at the top of your game and ready to take yourself to the next level.

Why Next Level Lifestyle Blog?

I firmly believe that success minded people should focus on becoming a better version of themselves, instead of copying others.  This allows you to stay true to your beliefs and don’t lose yourself in the process of creating a major success in your life.  The Next Level Lifestyle blog will share “Dressing for Success” fashion tips, books successful people read, places successful people go and even food successful people eat.  We’ve even included a section called the “success corner”, this section will give people who are successful as business owners, employees, parents and other areas of life a chance to tell you how they maintain their level of success.

Benefits of Following Next level Lifestyle Blog:

Me and my team of Lifestyle Professionals will not stop until we’ve brought you the latest in all aspects of