The only way to succeed is to fail

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt”


Teddy Roosevelt was on to something with that quote.  Without a legitimate attempt at making yourself or situation better how can we say we’ve truly succeeded.  Without falling into the trap of stating a bunch of platitudes or cliches for the sake of driving home the point, the reality is how can we truly succeed if we haven’t even tried.  Failure is about more than just the fact that you lost or something didn’t work out.  There is always the quiet whisper of why something didn’t work out left over in the rubble of a failed attempt.  We have to be smart enough though to listen to what it’s saying, were we ill-prepared, did we not push hard enough, did we not understand enough, were we not committed enough to make the change that we needed to make to achieve our goal.  Whatever comes after a failed attempt, if we take a second to meditate on why and how we didn’t succeed, we will find another way to attempt to become successful.  The hardest part of the failure is getting over the sting or embarrassment that comes with the failure, but here’s the million dollar question.  Would you let something like doubt or fear, come between you and what you want? Would you just sit idly by and let all of your hard work go down the drain?  After all, most failures initially required some sort of effort, and even effort to a minimal degree is still progress.  The key to overcoming failures is to find out where you left off and pour yourself into creating a solution to correct the problem.



Most of the time when we’ve failed at our goals, we have still put forth the effort and energy required to launch us away from the starting point, to a point where perhaps our efforts of energy didn’t match what we were doing.  Remember though, you still made progress.  In order to change a habit or overcome a failure you have to change your mindset, which can be like trying to overcome a torturous activity.  Grueling work and mental preparation is required to progress towards a goal and to change your life.  Most people won’t even get to the point where they launch themselves off the starting point, that places you firmly into the small minority of people who go after what they want.  This is a success, the ability to work towards your goals, despite perhaps not achieving them initially.  Although it can be discouraging when you fail, we still must consider the work it took to get where you are at.  At the risk of sounding hypocritical, we shouldn’t just be satisfied with the effort though, because behind your attempts lies the success, you must realize that it could take 1, 10 or 100 tries to actually achieve your goals, but every attempt is a win and a learning lesson



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  1. Failure is Overrated:   No one in this world is perfect, if someone is overly critical of you because you’ve made mistakes then they are fooling themselves and are in line for a major wake up call in the future.  Since we have all failed, then when it happens to us, we can’t become overly critical with ourselves, we have to pick ourselves up and continue moving towards our end goal
  2. Own up to your failures: When you do fail, OWN it.  Don’t blame someone else for your failure.  Don’t try to absolve yourself of the responsibilities of your failures, instead use your failures to create personal assurances for yourself that you will try to never let those failures happen again.
  3. The world will never change unless you change: Change doesn’t start with someone else, it has always started with us individually.  When we make the personal decision to achieve a goal we have to stick to our guns.  We have to be willing to make the sacrifice to become what we need to, to make our goals successful
  4. Pursue what you love: What is passion without love, if you are not in love with what you do everyday, then you are going to be miserable (if you’re not already).  You can’t live exclusively for other people, you have to have a personal stake in everything you do.  It should mean something to you.
  5. Presence will always be presents: 80% of the time, the people who are afforded the opportunities in life have been present for them.  We can’t be absent from the people, places and things in our life that drive success
  6. No one really knows what they are doing: This is a pretty obvious statement, but everyone doing something for the first time, is doing it for the first time.  Since none of us have a crystal ball, then most of the time we can only plan and adjust our plan.  Stay positive and hope it works out, but in doing that, there has to be a concerted effort to work towards your goals
  7. Treasure your time: Time is the most valuable commodity.  You can’t get it back and it moves forward like a freight train (as I completely ignore my earlier statement of avoiding platitudes).  You should create the kind of life you want by spending it with people who can support your goals and add to the positivity in your life.
  8. Push yourself harder: Do you think you are the hardest worker in the room?  Then you’re not working hard enough, you have to know you are the hardest worker in the room, because you are willing to do whatever you need to do to get to your goals
  9. Always speak your mind: Do not be afraid to defend your vision and your plan for success.  Tell people the truth about what you want out of life, that way you will always carry that truth with you.
  10. Enjoy the ride: As you readers may know, I am a big proponent of aggressively going after your goals, but I also understand the value of taking time to reflect on your work, but in the sense that it’s not over, you still have more to do, more to accomplish, but enjoy your journey


Here’s to your success at moving past failure to success,