Everything Matters

If you believe in the principle of cause and effect, then you believe that essentially everything we do in our life matters.  That’s an important idea to wrap our heads around since we have to make decisions everyday that could affect other people or aspects of our lives in the future.  When trying to plan for reaching a goal and working towards improving our lives, we have to take into consideration everything we do as a contributor to our future.  Who we spend time with, how we speak, how we spend our time, what we learn, read or even how we think.  At the foundation of success is the very simple principle that everything that we do everyday will have an effect on what happens in the future.  Some people call this the “butterfly effect”, but really we need to think of it as creating a series of habits that ultimately lead us the in the direction we wish to go to achieve our goals.  If you want to change your life then everything you do has to center around how you want to change your life.  Want to improve on your relationships with other people? Then you have to create good habits that draw other people to you, like being welcoming, hospitable and friendly.  This doesn’t come naturally to everyone, I know of many people who accidentally give off the impression that they don’t want to be bothered, just by their facial expressions.  The key is once we are aware that we are doing something contrary to our goals, then we have to work on changing the behaviors that can set our progress back.  Think of it this way, we have to constantly audit our daily behaviors to see if our daily habits are promoting our goals or working against them.



One of the most major symptoms of bad habits are we are in the same place doing the same thing that we were doing previously after a period of 6 months or a year.  We have to constantly reinvent ourselves and adapt our habits to fit the progression we’ve made in our lives in achieving our goals.  Here are some other symptoms of bad habits:

  1. Decreases in Work Production – Bad habits can affect our work production and our output.  Have you noticed a decrease in your workload?  Then perhaps you have recently developed some bad habits you need to get rid of
  2. Time Management Suffers – Have you started being late for events, work or other activities?  Another key sign that we are creating bad habits is that we begin to lose track of time and our ability to manage our time suffers and we are either late or we procrastinate
  3. Procrastination- Bad habits can lead to us pushing off things to another time or day.  Procrastination is a key that we are not planning our time out and that we are working like a ship without navigation
  4. Loss of Motivation – There’s no doubt about it, if we create bad habits then we will find ourselves losing interest in the things that we once wanted to accomplish.  We will no longer be motivated to make the changes and progress towards the goals that we once held in high esteem.  We will slowly lose our grip on what and who we want to become.  Loss of motivation is another major symptom that we are engaging in bad habits


The antidote to bad habits is changing how we do business.  We have to have the presence of mind to recognize the symptoms that we are working with bad habits from the list I’ve given you above and work to correct those tendencies.  Here are some helpful ways that you can change your habits to work for you.

  1. Start Early- Get yourself up out of bed early and create a list of things you need to do for the day and settle your mind before the day starts getting busy and crowded with non-essentials
  2. Keep a priorities list- No matter what your goals are: health, success, entrepreneurship or family goals, you need to keep a priorities list that you can reflect on during your early morning wake up so you can keep those things top of mind
  3. Do something everyday-  If you have read my blogs before, then you’ve read that I am a big advocate of working on at least one thing everyday that will shape your success and your future.  We alone have the power to affect our future and we should use every single day to work on how we want to see the next 5, 10, 15 years of our life shape up\
  4. Get expert advice- There are plenty of blogs, books, websites and materials that can motivate you to create good habits.  I’ll have some recommendations in the Lifestyle Recommendations page
  5. Take Imperfect Action-  I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.  You don’t have to be perfect to start changing something, in this case your habits don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start today.  Pick one of these suggestions and get started today.  Even if you only spend 5 minutes making your priorities list don’t wait for tomorrow or another day


Here’s to your success,