Are you comfortable in your world?

Have you built for yourself a comfortable and cozy life?  Do you feel relatively safe and secure?  What if I said that, that feeling of security is probably holding you back from reaching your full potential.  I’ll give you an example of myself.  When I started my business I had good revenue months and bad revenue months just like most businesses.  I tended to get really comfortable when I had great revenue months, feeling like I could let off of the pedal for a bit.  Therein was the problem, I would come crashing back to Earth when I had a terrible month and hadn’t done anything to push my leads, or sales further.  The same can be said about life in general.  Life is like a roller coaster ride and is chalk full of ups and downs, however during the great times, we should continue to push ourselves to our max potential, not just settling for good.  Is this being greedy? In my opinion no, this is preparing yourself to be balanced.  The reason? Fluctuations of thought process like being too “relaxed” or “stressed” can cause more disturbances in your life than anything else, because often when things are “good” we forget to think about what happens just in case things go wrong and we may be come obsessive in the wrong ways.  Proper balance mentally can help you accomplish more because you will always be focused on the future while enjoying the present.





monkeys smelling roses

There are many techniques to achieving balance between a positive state of mind and negative state of mind.   Some of these include talking a break from your work and “smelling the roses”.  You have to take some time out to enjoy the things you’ve accomplished and to reflect on what got you to this place in your life.  You shouldn’t get stuck here however, you should take an appropriate amount of time and then move on.  Whatever the appropriate amount of time is varies from person to person, but once you’ve taken in your moment….keep it moving.



flat tire

Another way to achieve mental balance is to have a proper view when bad things happen.  If you get a flat tire on the way to an important meeting that you’ve been preparing for, for months because you rolled over a nail, recognizing that the situation couldn’t be helped will help you to have a realistic view of it.  Don’t allow the flat tire to cause you to have a bad attitude, instead try to focus on something positive.



get over it

If you do have a terrible day that you just can’t shake and you feel yourself spiraling, allow yourself a 24 hour period to be upset and then move on.  Don’t let problems fester and take control of your world.  Lingering negativity can cause you to become distracted and be inefficient.  More importantly if you linger on negative thoughts then you are probably not engaging in the daily activities that will help you achieve your goals and become successful.  Successful people recognize negative things happen and send their time resolving to fix the problems around it.



Successful people tend to focus on creating and reinventing themselves frequently.  This doesn’t mean you have to be artistic, it simply means that you should constantly be looking for ways to better yourself and push yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Typically people who struggle in life do the same things every day, in the same way.  It takes more strength to learn something new, or take a job that you always wanted, or to do something out of the box.  When you get comfortable you may find that you’ve stopped challenging yourself and you feel stale.  You may start to feel like something is missing.  Success is a constant and ever evolving state that requires innovation and conceptualization.  Try to reinvent yourself as often as you see if, but in positive ways that enhance your skill set.



Be realistic and honest with yourself and continue to work on yourself.  Never let yourself get too comfortable with where you are.  Continue to balance hardwork and positive thinking so you can advance yourself.  If you EVER have a bad day, just think about a T-Rex trying to make a bed and relax….


Trex making a bed


Here’s to your success,




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