How to purge negativity out of your life

Negativity is can be like a festering mold that slowly creeps and spreads it’s way into the walls, ceilings and floors of a house.  When left unchecked it can cause permanent damage or at the very least leave you with a very expensive mold removal cost.  What is the cost of a person being negative?  It can strip away your joy for doing the things you like, prevent you from making life long friends and even derail your future plans.  Suffice to say, a negative mindset is something that can cost a person dearly.

Nothing can doom man but the belief in doom, for this prevents the movement of return – Martin Buber

Becoming the best version of yourself and achieving more than you thought was possible requires that you get rid of the negativity in your life and even the negative self talk in order to focus on the positive aspects of your life and plan.  You have to be single minded when it comes to your outlook.  There’s nothing more devastating to a goal than to be dragged down by feelings of negativity.  I find that people who are particularly vulnerable at suffering from negative feelings are those who tend to be oversensitive to what others think or say.  The “feelers” in the world, tend to be more susceptible to negativity.  That’s not to say that the world doesn’t need “feelers” or people who sense others feelings, on the contrary, the world is enhanced by people who have the ability to show passion for other humans and bring humanity into the workplace and other areas of life.  Regardless of our personality we all are affected by negativity and if it persist it can become harmful



  1. Change your Social Circle – You may need to change your social circle, those people you hang around or talk to who always tend to keep conversations on the negative side.  Sometimes a person doesn’t have to be talking about you for you to be affected by their negativity.  They can be negative about their own situation, other people or their job.  One thing that is for sure though, is that hearing that enough can disrupt your own internal peace
  2. Find ways to channel positivity – The best way to affect change is to help others.  If you are feeling bad about yourself or having a hard time in your life at the moment, spend time helping others find success, through acts of positivity you will find something that no one can give you.  Peace of mind and a sense of overwhelming positivity
  3. Affirmations – Positive affirmations are a great way to create a mindset that will allow you to maintain your positivity.  You can use affirmations like, “this feeling of negativity is only temporary”, “I’m going to have a great day”, “I’m going to help change someone’s life”, “I’m worth it”, “I deserve the best”
  4. Follow Positive People – Once you locate people you tend to see who are positive attach yourself to them, just like any kind of habit in a friendship, positivity is contagious and will inevitably rub off on you.   As humans we get inspired by…….inspiring people, but we should allow ourselves to be inspired by others.  Don’t be jealous that someone is already at the point you want to get to.  Embrace their success and follow their positivity and it will move you to become positive
  5. Create a positive environment – One of the best ways sleep experts say to getting great sleep is to create the environment in your bedroom that makes it conducive to great sleep like, get a good mattress, get room darkening shades or remove electronics from the room.  The same way we have to create the environment in our home and lives that makes positivity abound.  Create an environment that makes you want to wake up and conquer your goals.



If you are waiting until the right time to change your social circle or apply any of the suggestions above, then you are wasting time, to be honest.  Real change doesn’t wait until circumstances are just right.  Your life requires positivity, so you should implement as soon as you read this blog post.  Start working on affirmations and don’t dwell on negative emotions or things in life you can’t control.  A big part of purging negativity out of your life is acceptance, acceptance that your life is where it is right now, but understanding that you fundamentally have the power to change it if you want to.  The thing about power is that it comes and goes and can increase and decrease, so that means that power is not always constant, but with constant work you can have enough strength to start purging today.  Make yourself a list of all the things in your life that are affecting you negatively and systematically begin your process of purging all of them or changing them into a positive.  Doing that will unlock the true you, the powerful you that has always been there.


Here’s to your success,




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