What is Imperfect Action?

Life is full of idea’s and possibilities.  However most idea’s or dreams die a horrible death as life begins to settle in once a personal gets older and drifts further and further away.  However, the thing that usually stops us from accomplishing the things we want to, is inaction.  We blame it on being too busy, or not the right time, or shift in priorities.  While those things may indeed be true, the real reason we’ve stopped pursuing our dreams is because we never acted on them in the first place.  This is where the concept of taking “imperfect action” comes in.  Imperfect action is taking legitimate steps towards your goals without waiting for something to come about by chance.  For example: let’s say you always wanted to write a book, taking imperfection action would mean that, the next day after you decided to write a book, you picked up a pen and paper, or turned on your computer and just began writing.  The wonderful things about taking “imperfect action” is just as the name implies, you take action and it doesn’t have to be the exact right step or the exact perfect moment.  The perfect moment to take action on the goal is when you are thinking about it.  Any delay in taking action reduces your motivation to accomplish your goals.



In short, no, part of your imperfect action can be creating your plan to help you organize yourself so you can make strides towards accomplishing your goals.  The best way to get over a disappointment is to take action to change whatever failed you in your previous attempts and keep marching forward.  Imperfect action for some may seem like you are being reactionary or leaping without thinking, but what you’re really doing is taking steps that most will never take.  If you have a goal or dream in mind, is it really reactionary to work towards achieving it?  Imperfect action may not sound like the right strategy but it can help change the way you think about your goals.  Our goals seem a lot more real to us when there is actually action behind the thoughts.   Even if it’s not a major action, by doing something that helps work towards the accomplishment of our goals our mentality changes and we start believing that we can accomplish what we set out to accomplish.  The difference between done and incomplete is simple.  Done requires action, incomplete requires procrastination either way the only way to achieve your goals is to pile up little wins everyday.  Spend 30 mins 3 times per week on your goals and in a year you’ve spent hours working towards your goals.


Don’t let your dreams die in the  “what if” grave yard just because you didn’t do anything actionable towards your goals.


“Action is the foundational key to all success” – Pablo Picasso





  1. Write down your goals
  2. Start working towards your goals immediately, don’t wait until the next day
  3. Share your goals with someone who can hold you responsible if you fail to act
  4. Monitor and measure your progress over a finite period of time
  5. Replace negative thoughts with positive actions



Part of taking action towards your goal is pushing feelings like fear, guilt and uncertainty aside, even if momentarily.  Even if things don’t pan out, NEVER allow yourself to think that you can never be where you planned to be, instead focus on the values and the positives that you bring to the table.  Work on enhancing your positive characteristics and  demand excellence out of yourself, not perfection.


Here’s to your success,




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