How to move your plan forward

No doubt you may have heard the expression: “fail to plan, plan to fail!”  I completely subscribe to this thought process, I guess being an ENTJ on the myers-briggs personality spectrum contributes to my hyper sense of organization and planning.  How, though, can you move past the planning stage?  How do you get off of the proverbial “pot” and get moving?  These questions plague most people who are big dreamers but not quite the rip roaring action takers some of their counter parts are.  One thing I found when it comes to moving a plan forward is that a lot of how we spend our time and what we do to move our plans forward comes down to what kind of personality we have.


One of the first tips I would give to someone who isn’t naturally an action taker is to find what parts of your personality you thing hold you back from making significant strides.  Is it that you tend to procrastinate or maybe you just naturally lack some confidence in your abilities.  If these are the case then you have some work to do.  Moving a plan forward requires some personal power and some action.  You’ve heard me speak of taking imperfect action which is simply doing something to work towards your goal even if you’re not sure if it’s the absolute right step.  What about the personal power piece?


“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. – Lao Tzu


Focusing on how to build your  personal power or your ability to push yourself towards action is key in moving your goals forward.  Only action towards your plan matter in the long run and when you look back at your plan 5 years from now, you will either see one of two things.  1.) The actions you’ve taken to be where you currently are or 2.) The lack of action that prevented you from accomplishing your goals.  We have to prioritize where we spend our time and who we spend our time with in order to keep the momentum pushing forward.  Personal power or the ability to take action comes in when you have things in life that distract you from accomplishing your plan or when others doubt you and you have to face negativity.  Personal power tells you that you’re worth it and you have the strength when you’re feeling the most vulnerable and like you can’t continue on.  At some point in the past all of the great leaders that we read about in any sector of business, civil rights or innovation have all had to exercise their personal power to advance their plan.


So what’s the difference between people we call great and you?


In some cases maybe a few million or billion dollars, but the real difference is that they have always and will continue to have a healthy sense of personal power and refuse to allow things in their live that won’t advance their plan to get in the way of making big things happen.  You have to ruthlessly manage your time and your head space and reserve it for things that contribute to your ultimate plan.  You have to be unafraid of what people think and how they feel about your plan and have a laser like focus.  Easier said than done? Well, try to take your task one at a time so you can fully give attention to everything that needs to be done with that specific task.  Until you feel like you absolute control over your power, you will have to create and shape an environment to help you with your focus.


Check out Tony Robbins explain a technique with how you can focus


The results of maintaining your focus and sticking to you plan can be life changing.  Success comes ultimately one step at a time, not in leaps in bounds.  Even though you may have long term goals you should be present in the process of making your goals happen every day.


Your’s in success,