Fall Colors Forecast: Bold Colors Reign Supreme

Though the official start of fall doesn’t happen until late September, Labor Day typically signals a shift in the fashion color palette.  As we wave goodbye to August, we start pulling out our array of dark colors.  And truly, it’s not really an array.  Most guys tend to lean on black, charcoal gray, and navy to get them through fall and winter.  The brighter colors, and even the neutrals, get buried in the back of the closet. The darker hues can make for a drab season.  But based on this year’s trends, it’s time to brighten up as the temperatures drop.

The key to wearing bold colors in fall is to opt for richer color and jewel tones instead of brights, neons, and pastels.  Jewel tones are exactly what they sound like-colors that resemble jewels or precious stones.  Think sapphire blue or emerald green.  The colors are still dark, but they’re infused with life.  It’s these colors that the most fashionable men of fall will be wearing.

Copper Isn’t Just A Metal

Back in July when all of the men’s fashion weeks were taking place, it was clear that one color and one color only reigned supreme: copper.  When you think of actual copper, it has a bit of a burnt orange hue.  Sometimes it’s a bit more on the orange side.  At other times, it’s darker; closer to a rust color.  Designers all throughout the industry are stocking shelves with both extremes.  During London Collections: Men, Topman sent an outfit down the runway that was overrun with copper.  A belted ¾-length jacket with wide-leg trousers created a chic, loose silhouette.  But the fact that both pieces were drenched in copper made it luxury.  The color elevated Topman to Tom Ford status, and it can do the same for you.


The Softer Side of Acid

Citron green is known to be vibrant and bright.  Think lime.  Limes have a distinct evergreen look.  But when you create artificial tones of citron green and tone down the brightness, it leaves you with a color that’s a cross between mustard yellow and gold.  This intense play on citron green is called soft acid.  From luxurious overcoats to turtleneck sweaters, it’s a must-have color.

Speaking of green…

There’s blue-based shade of green coming to a rack near you and it’s called spruce green.  You’ll recognize it as green when you see it.  But it’s slightly paler.  It’s not completely washed out, but it’s definitely softer than the jungle greens that typically dominate fall.

Take A Cue From Your Morning Pick Me Up

Turkish coffee, as a drink, is known for its strength and intensity.  It’s light on sweetness and heavy on caffeine.  The same can be said for its fashion equivalent.  Turkish coffee is a beautiful brown based in purple.  It’s plush and looks great on pieces with shearling, wool, and velvet.

This fall, it’s time to ditch the black and gray.  Invest in the darker side of the rainbow, and you’ll stand out in the crowd without even trying.

Stay Stylish, my friends

Lance Mcbrayer