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8 Ways to increase efficiency and production

It’s always nice to generate ideas around how you can make your business or personal life run like a machine.  Have you ever wondered why it seems like two people who live relatively similar lives can have different networths or why one is more productive than the other?  The key is that it comes down to how we use our time, it’s very simple we all have the same 24 hours in a day but how we use those hours can range wildly.  No fear though, i’m going to help provide for you 10 ways you can increase your efficiency and productivity.




The first thing you have to do when you are trying to improve your efficiency and productivity is to analyze how you spend your time.  The reason for doing this is to identify time vampires and what is sucking the life out of your day and sapping your time.  Just to give you an example of potential time vampires they could include: TV Watching, needy friends/family, pointless conversations, etc..

I know what your thinking, how do I go about identifying those things that are wasting my time?  First and foremost you have to look at how much time you are putting into certain activities.  Create some structure for yourself so you can know when you are going off track.  For instance, devote no more than an hour to watching TV a day so you can work on your goals.  This will help you to find out whether or not something like the TV was causing you to lose a lot of time.



  1. Identify time wasters – We’ve already spoken about this above.  Since we only have a finite amount of time daily to accomplish things we have to buy back time from other things that we are doing to ensure that we have time to get things done
  2. Create order and structure – As much as we like to all think we have the ability to just “wing it” with life we don’t.  We need structure, and we need consistency, without those two pillars we won’t be able to build on a dream or a goal effectively and we will be wasting a lot of time, money and energy
  3. Make a schedule – Keeping a schedule is a great way to organize your life.  Knowing when you’re going to do something, with who and where is top of the list when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency.  You should know what your week looks like in a snapshot so you can make time to work on the more important things
  4. Ruthlessly manage your time – No one is going to manage your time like you will, that’s why it’s so important to spend 80% of your time doing the things that help build towards your project or goals.
  5. Get rest – One of the most key components to being productive is having enough energy to discharge the responsibilities of the day.  This means that at some point we have to put down our smartphones and go to bed.  Make sure that your bedroom is comfortable and free from distractions so you can get quality sleep.
  6. Use hard systems – A hard system according to “E” Myth creator Michael Gerber is anything that forces a set of behaviors that doesn’t have emotions.  So something like a file system in an office is a hard system.  Hard systems solve soft system problems.  Like, you’re having problems putting the right form in the right folder, creating a hard system like a filing system will help you to force good behaviors.
  7. Comfortable work environment – A comfortable work environment will help you to maintain high level of productivity while you are working.  Perhaps an office with light that fosters creative thinking will help out with environment
  8. Mindset – By changing how you think about what needs to be done and when, you will be creating a winning mindset and you will be able to increase your output.  You should make a positive affirmation every morning: “I will be productive today”!


Here's to your success,



How to create the life you want

If you have been reading my blog for some time you’ve no doubt read about some of my strategies when it comes to creating a success for yourself.  Success though is relative and has nothing to do with money, but more so if you are achieving the goals that you’ve set out for yourself or are working to do so.  Creating the kind of life you want to lead is easier for some than for others, but regardless it can be achieved by everyone.  In order to craft your life how you want to live it, you have to have the right tools to become the craftsman of your life.


Five tools are needed to craft your life

  • The first tool you need in crafting your life is vision.  The ability to see where you want to go or what you want to be in the future.  Think about it, every big business or every big accomplishment known to mankind, has started with someone having a vision for what they wanted to accomplish.  Even if some of the minor details haven’t been hashed out yet (which most aren’t when you are envisioning a future) you can still look to what you want to accomplish by seeing in your mind yourself achieving your goals.
  • The second tool you need in crafting your life is a good set of plans to build from.  Without a reliable guide for your life you will be left wandering aimlessly doing the same thing, in the same way, everyday
  • The third tool you need is Proper Mindset.  When your mindset is tuned into your goals, this is when you will become unstoppable.  Having a great mindset is akin to hiring the right employees to accomplish a job.  When you are positive and focused on what your goals and executing your plan than you won’t let anything or anyone come in between you and accomplishing your goals.  Let’s say you wanted to lose weight, it doesn’t matter if you buy the right foods or exercise equipment if you haven’t made the personal determination to lose weight, you wont do it.
  • The fourth tool you need is a support system.  No one can craft the life they want alone.  It takes many interactions both positive and negative to shape your future self.  The negative interactions you will face in your life will prepare you with how to deal adversity, and how to think when you have people trying to divert you from your goal.  If you are prepared in advance and determined to not let anything or anyone stand in your way, you will have a higher resolve when you have to deal with negativity.  The best way to combat negative forces in your life, other than building up your mentality is to keep positive people around you who support your vision and want to see you succeed.  You MUST avoid energy vampires and rub elbows with people who are visionaries and who value achieving personal goals.  This subset of people will be the shot of adrenaline you need to be energized on a regular basis to accomplish your goals.  You have to go where these people go, invite them into your space (I can hear all the worlds introverts collectively scream, silently of course) and show them what you are working on so they can know how to support you.
  • The fifth tool you need is reverse engineering.  I get it, what in the world are you talking about?  Well, you kind of have to work backwards to figure out where you want to go.  Let me explain.  Let’s say you want to buy a house in five years, in order to get that house you want you realize you have to credit qualify, save money for down payment and other expenses and you also have to know what type of house you want.  Now let’s say that your credit score is 525, you make 40k a year and only have 5k in savings.  If you want to buy that house you have to get your credit score up to at least 640, have 20k in savings and have planned what kind of house suits your needs.  Reverse engineering is working backwards to figure out what and how you have to work everyday to accomplish your goals.  When you are crafting the life you want you have to figure out what the end game is, what do you want to do, where do you want to live, who do you want to do it with and how you want to do it.  This requires you to self test yourself and answer questions honestly about where you currently are.  Only when we first admit where we are in our life can we attain the life that we want.


What life is supposed to be like

This may come to a surprise to you but there isn’t one way to enjoy life or one kind of life to live.  Many people whose lives aren’t going how they would like them to go say “life isn’t supposed to be like this”, well, let’s consider.  Life is a culmination of the small choices we make on a daily basis.  Unless there is a complete shift in life events that can side track us, we have to take time out to live the life we want in the future today.  Even when bad things happen, or problems set us back, the wonderful thing about tomorrow is that it always starts fresh.  You have the chance to write whatever story you want for the next day.  What life is supposed to be, is a focused effort to work hard towards our goals and dreams that elevate us to live the life we want to live.


Here’s to your success,



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