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5 habits of highly effective people

The following post is a guest post from a blog post of Kimanzi Constable.  The orginial post can be found by clicking here!


5 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People

We all know that habits can either help or hurt your success in life. Bad habits can fester and grow into a lifestyle that takes you away from the things you want to do—and good habits can help you create a life that’s full of action and accomplishment.

If you were to look at someone you respect, someone who’s successful, you would see that they spend each day doing the things that help them accomplish their biggest goals. This isn’t to say they’re perfect—because no one is—but despite the things that are not perfect in their lives, they continue to make moves that have a positive impact. And it starts with their daily habits.

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Now, while we can all study successful habits, it’s meaningless if we don’t implement that knowledge. So here are five daily habits of highly successful people—habits you can adopt to create the life you truly want to live:

1. Successful people plan out their day the night before.

It’s easy to get off track when you don’t have a plan. Without planning what your day will look like, you wake up not knowing what you want to do or accomplish. Successful people spend a little time the night before giving themselves clear goals for the next day. Then they wake up and go down their list.

Life doesn’t always work out as planned, but with a plan, you can adjust without losing momentum.

2. Successful people read books to get inspired.

Reading is an essential element in success—books contain so much knowledge. Apparently Elon Musk would read at least four hours a day growing up. Four hours. And look how successful he became.

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There isn’t necessarily a defined length as to how much time you should be reading, but forming a daily reading habit will expand your knowledge and help you on your journey to success.

3. Successful people make their health a priority.

What you eat and how much you exercise affects every area of your life. Successful people use their exercise as a time to reset and plan. And they make smart food choices that will give them the energy they need to accomplish everything on their daily to-do list.

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So, what’s for dinner? Is the gym on your to-do list? Choose wisely.

4. Successful people don’t get distracted by what other people are doing.

Other people’s journeys to success can be inspiring; you can learn so much—about their mistakes, their victories, what to do, what not to do. But if you start comparing your progress to theirs, instead of using their stories as inspiration, you can feel jealous, stressed, unworthy.

Successful people realize their journey is unique and can’t be compared. So don’t get stuck in the comparison trap—stay focused on your why.

5. Successful people live each day as if it were the last.

Life is busy, it’s chaotic, and so you tend to want to focus on the future—we all do it, worry about what’s next. But while planning is important, so is living—being fully present.

Life is short, and there’s no guarantee as to when it will end. Successful people live each day as if it were their last and make the most out of each moment—and so should you.

When you look at a big goal, it’s common to get frustrated at the enormity of what you’re trying to accomplish. If you wake up each day determined to spend it forming good habits, you give yourself a better chance at success. So use these five habits as a starting place to build whatever a successful life means to you.

How to unlock your power

There have been millions of pages written in books to help people find their inner strength.  Some have gone to great lengths hiring life coaches and more to find out what they should do and how they should do it.  Still more people try to figure out how exactly they want to achieve their goals and how to motivate themselves to do so.  I’ve always said that in order to reach our goals it takes personal power and support from others.  Perhaps you feel like you have pulled out all of the stops when it comes to achieving your goals and you feel like you have no more motivation or power to give.  Well let me tell you the story of a woman named Chimeaka White.  Chimeaka is a real person and yes this is a true story.  By the age of 19 she had 2 children and was a single mom and a full time college student at NC A&T State University. There were times when she worked 3 jobs just to feed and clothe her children. She went to law school 10 years after obtaining my undergraduate degree. She commuted 45 minutes everyday to get to school and 45 minutes to get back home. Chimeaka moved her mom into her house to help her with her kids.  Staying committed to law school was a struggle for Chimeaka, having to remove herself from ALL non-law school activities in order to remain focused. During exam time she would get home at 3 am in morning…sleep, shower, get dressed and be out by 7 am. Chimeaka says “I am blessed to have 2 well behaved children. My children respect the sacrifices I have made over the years to accomplish my dream. I am proud to announce that in less than 2 months from now I will graduate from NCCU School of Law.  I DID THAT! If you are a single mother who has a dream of going back to school…DO IT! Let nothing and/or nobody hold you back! You can DO IT!”



She knew something early on, she knew she had to unlock the power within her to accomplish her goals.  She was able to hold her future up to the light to find the imperfections and make adjustments in her life and shape her life around her goals.  I’m sure there are many single moms or dads out there that have similar stories….but what’s the point?  The only way we will be able to push beyond what we think we can do is to focus on the power inside and take imperfect action to change our situation.  What is required from us to be able to unlock the power?  I will give you 10 actionable steps that you can use to unlock your power and your potential fully so you can succeed and have the life you want.



  1. Examine your life, ask yourself hard questions – Ask yourself questions like: Am I on the right track to accomplish my goals? Have I allowed life to distract me from my life plan? How can I organize myself so I can get back to being who I want to be?
  2. Recognize things need to change – Probably one of the biggest factors in unlocking your personal power is recognizing when things in your life have drifted from your life plan.  When that happens and as soon as you notice that it has, you need to take immediate action.
  3. Create specific goals that focus on those things that need to change – Smart goals accomplish purposes, weak goals do nothing more than appeal to the part of our brain that likes to be soothed.  Make smart goals for yourself (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely)
  4. Visualize your future self accomplishing your goals – Visualization is one of a humans most unique abilities and a powerful tool at our disposal.  By visualizing yourself accomplishing your goals you are setting your mind on a path that is laser focused towards your goals and you can become unstoppable
  5. Hold your goals before you at all times – The reason why we need calendars, notes, voice memos and reminders is because we tend to forget.  The same thing can happen when we have life goals we want to accomplish. Therefore, right your goals down or put them in the calendar on your phone.  Some place you will always see it, keep the carrot in front of you and you will move forward.
  6. When things get tough……Breathe! – There are very few certain things about life, but one of them is that at some point it will get hard on some level for us.  Remember that it’s not the end of the world when life gets frustrating and hard to deal with, it’s just a temporary set back that you have in front of you that may make you create another path but ultimately with persistence you can end up where you want to be
  7. Build a support system – One of the benefits of having positive minded people around you is that, they can help you focus on your goals and encourage you when the going gets tough.  Choose people to support you who you can confide in and who understand where you want to go with your life.
  8. Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do – A classic example of this is our story above.  Chimeaka at times worked three jobs to provide for her family.  No doubt exhausted, her ability to work this jobs out of a sense of loyalty to her goals allowed her to see past the temporary hardship of having to make hard sacrifices.
  9. Don’t let setbacks halt your progress – Take imperfect action, expect the unexpected.  The best way to deal with setbacks is to spend your time finding a solution for them instead of complaining about them
  10. Be true to yourself and don’t let success change you – Never let life shape you, think about how far you come and where you want to go, but do so by being you.  The beauty of life is that we all individually contribute to it by being who we are.  Unlocking your power is not about being someone else….no it’s about being the best version of ourselves that we could be.


Here’s to your success,



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Are you comfortable in your world?

Have you built for yourself a comfortable and cozy life?  Do you feel relatively safe and secure?  What if I said that, that feeling of security is probably holding you back from reaching your full potential.  I’ll give you an example of myself.  When I started my business I had good revenue months and bad revenue months just like most businesses.  I tended to get really comfortable when I had great revenue months, feeling like I could let off of the pedal for a bit.  Therein was the problem, I would come crashing back to Earth when I had a terrible month and hadn’t done anything to push my leads, or sales further.  The same can be said about life in general.  Life is like a roller coaster ride and is chalk full of ups and downs, however during the great times, we should continue to push ourselves to our max potential, not just settling for good.  Is this being greedy? In my opinion no, this is preparing yourself to be balanced.  The reason? Fluctuations of thought process like being too “relaxed” or “stressed” can cause more disturbances in your life than anything else, because often when things are “good” we forget to think about what happens just in case things go wrong and we may be come obsessive in the wrong ways.  Proper balance mentally can help you accomplish more because you will always be focused on the future while enjoying the present.





monkeys smelling roses

There are many techniques to achieving balance between a positive state of mind and negative state of mind.   Some of these include talking a break from your work and “smelling the roses”.  You have to take some time out to enjoy the things you’ve accomplished and to reflect on what got you to this place in your life.  You shouldn’t get stuck here however, you should take an appropriate amount of time and then move on.  Whatever the appropriate amount of time is varies from person to person, but once you’ve taken in your moment….keep it moving.



flat tire

Another way to achieve mental balance is to have a proper view when bad things happen.  If you get a flat tire on the way to an important meeting that you’ve been preparing for, for months because you rolled over a nail, recognizing that the situation couldn’t be helped will help you to have a realistic view of it.  Don’t allow the flat tire to cause you to have a bad attitude, instead try to focus on something positive.



get over it

If you do have a terrible day that you just can’t shake and you feel yourself spiraling, allow yourself a 24 hour period to be upset and then move on.  Don’t let problems fester and take control of your world.  Lingering negativity can cause you to become distracted and be inefficient.  More importantly if you linger on negative thoughts then you are probably not engaging in the daily activities that will help you achieve your goals and become successful.  Successful people recognize negative things happen and send their time resolving to fix the problems around it.



Successful people tend to focus on creating and reinventing themselves frequently.  This doesn’t mean you have to be artistic, it simply means that you should constantly be looking for ways to better yourself and push yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Typically people who struggle in life do the same things every day, in the same way.  It takes more strength to learn something new, or take a job that you always wanted, or to do something out of the box.  When you get comfortable you may find that you’ve stopped challenging yourself and you feel stale.  You may start to feel like something is missing.  Success is a constant and ever evolving state that requires innovation and conceptualization.  Try to reinvent yourself as often as you see if, but in positive ways that enhance your skill set.



Be realistic and honest with yourself and continue to work on yourself.  Never let yourself get too comfortable with where you are.  Continue to balance hardwork and positive thinking so you can advance yourself.  If you EVER have a bad day, just think about a T-Rex trying to make a bed and relax….


Trex making a bed


Here’s to your success,




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The difference between you and everyone else

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “dare to be different”.  Why does that premise of daring to be different actually matter, and what does it mean?  The world is made up of individuals with different passions, abilities, dreams, beliefs and views on life.  Being different in this world sometimes comes with being bullied or other hateful actions, but being different is what creates success in people.  Most said that some of the world’s foremost authorities and geniuses of our time were crazy, but when they created something that changed the world their differences were embraced by the world.  I’m not saying that you have to create the next iphone, unless you want to, but what i’m saying is that success always starts with being different.  You have to accept your difference and be willing to work towards your vision to succeed.  The reality is that most people in the world will never accomplish their dreams, or even try to do dare to be different because they are more concerned with how others view them.  Being a visionary or accomplishing a life goal is about having a plan yes, but at some point you have to break away from the pack and stick firmly to your goals in order to achieve them.  It may require you to break from your “normal” routine or your “normal” though process, but you have to be invested in creating a new “normal” if you want to be successful



Creating your new normal is as hard as it sounds.  It simply requires that you break away from the habits and thought processes that don’t relate to your goal.  The hard part of your creating your new normal is the implementation of the new changes you’ve created in your mind.  If only a small percentage of people are successful, then you have to model your mind and life around creating methods that will work for you goals.  We can’t simply do the same things every day and expect things to just change for us, i’m sure you are already familiar with the definition of insanity.  So here’s where the rubber meets the road.  In order to be different in the sense that you are prepping yourself to break away from the pack you have to do 5 things:

  1. Be willing to commit to your change
  2. Take imperfect action
  3. Align yourself with like minded people
  4. Change your environment to fit your new goal
  5. Don’t be sensitive! Be willing to take criticism.  Learn from it, embrace the haters!

The world was built from individuals who were willing to change themselves first, before they changed the world.  You have the power inside of you to be whatever you want to be, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from accomplishing your goals.  Different isn’t bad, different is simply a change from the norm.



The answer is that there is no difference between you and everyone else.  We are all the same and you are just like everyone else who doesn’t accomplish their goals and will never step out of the box to do anything.  How do you feel hearing that?  If it doesn’t tick you off then something is wrong.  I saw a quote the other day and perhaps you’ve read it too, “Next year you will wonder why you didn’t start today”.  You may be perfectly fine not accomplishing your goals or being in the same place next year that you are today and if so, don’t change anything.  However if you want more, if you want to start creating the life that you want, you have to start with identifying who “everyone” is around you.  The most amazing thing happens when you start to change yourself and work towards your goals.  You either attract people who have always wanted to change their lives and accomplish their goals or you create haters who hate seeing you progress and separate themselves from you.  Indeed you will draw people to you that are positive minded simply by making the changes in your life required to creating your life plan.  If the worst thing that could be said about you is that you do things differently than most, then you are probably on the right track to success.  Is there a straight line to success? No, I don’t believe there is, because like in my last post I talk about the only way to succeed is to fail.  Your road to success will include some ups and downs but at the end of the day you should take pride in your journey to being the best version of yourself that you can be.


Be true to yourself and your vision for your life and don’t even let your own negative thoughts sidetrack you from doing what you need to do.  You have to be your best advocate when it comes to achieving the life you want.  Create your reality and your success and dare to be different.


Here’s to your success,



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The only way to succeed is to fail

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt”


Teddy Roosevelt was on to something with that quote.  Without a legitimate attempt at making yourself or situation better how can we say we’ve truly succeeded.  Without falling into the trap of stating a bunch of platitudes or cliches for the sake of driving home the point, the reality is how can we truly succeed if we haven’t even tried.  Failure is about more than just the fact that you lost or something didn’t work out.  There is always the quiet whisper of why something didn’t work out left over in the rubble of a failed attempt.  We have to be smart enough though to listen to what it’s saying, were we ill-prepared, did we not push hard enough, did we not understand enough, were we not committed enough to make the change that we needed to make to achieve our goal.  Whatever comes after a failed attempt, if we take a second to meditate on why and how we didn’t succeed, we will find another way to attempt to become successful.  The hardest part of the failure is getting over the sting or embarrassment that comes with the failure, but here’s the million dollar question.  Would you let something like doubt or fear, come between you and what you want? Would you just sit idly by and let all of your hard work go down the drain?  After all, most failures initially required some sort of effort, and even effort to a minimal degree is still progress.  The key to overcoming failures is to find out where you left off and pour yourself into creating a solution to correct the problem.



Most of the time when we’ve failed at our goals, we have still put forth the effort and energy required to launch us away from the starting point, to a point where perhaps our efforts of energy didn’t match what we were doing.  Remember though, you still made progress.  In order to change a habit or overcome a failure you have to change your mindset, which can be like trying to overcome a torturous activity.  Grueling work and mental preparation is required to progress towards a goal and to change your life.  Most people won’t even get to the point where they launch themselves off the starting point, that places you firmly into the small minority of people who go after what they want.  This is a success, the ability to work towards your goals, despite perhaps not achieving them initially.  Although it can be discouraging when you fail, we still must consider the work it took to get where you are at.  At the risk of sounding hypocritical, we shouldn’t just be satisfied with the effort though, because behind your attempts lies the success, you must realize that it could take 1, 10 or 100 tries to actually achieve your goals, but every attempt is a win and a learning lesson



These lessons were provided by our friends at the Growth List Blog, click here to read the full article (the comments are from Next Level Lifestyle Blog 😉

  1. Failure is Overrated:   No one in this world is perfect, if someone is overly critical of you because you’ve made mistakes then they are fooling themselves and are in line for a major wake up call in the future.  Since we have all failed, then when it happens to us, we can’t become overly critical with ourselves, we have to pick ourselves up and continue moving towards our end goal
  2. Own up to your failures: When you do fail, OWN it.  Don’t blame someone else for your failure.  Don’t try to absolve yourself of the responsibilities of your failures, instead use your failures to create personal assurances for yourself that you will try to never let those failures happen again.
  3. The world will never change unless you change: Change doesn’t start with someone else, it has always started with us individually.  When we make the personal decision to achieve a goal we have to stick to our guns.  We have to be willing to make the sacrifice to become what we need to, to make our goals successful
  4. Pursue what you love: What is passion without love, if you are not in love with what you do everyday, then you are going to be miserable (if you’re not already).  You can’t live exclusively for other people, you have to have a personal stake in everything you do.  It should mean something to you.
  5. Presence will always be presents: 80% of the time, the people who are afforded the opportunities in life have been present for them.  We can’t be absent from the people, places and things in our life that drive success
  6. No one really knows what they are doing: This is a pretty obvious statement, but everyone doing something for the first time, is doing it for the first time.  Since none of us have a crystal ball, then most of the time we can only plan and adjust our plan.  Stay positive and hope it works out, but in doing that, there has to be a concerted effort to work towards your goals
  7. Treasure your time: Time is the most valuable commodity.  You can’t get it back and it moves forward like a freight train (as I completely ignore my earlier statement of avoiding platitudes).  You should create the kind of life you want by spending it with people who can support your goals and add to the positivity in your life.
  8. Push yourself harder: Do you think you are the hardest worker in the room?  Then you’re not working hard enough, you have to know you are the hardest worker in the room, because you are willing to do whatever you need to do to get to your goals
  9. Always speak your mind: Do not be afraid to defend your vision and your plan for success.  Tell people the truth about what you want out of life, that way you will always carry that truth with you.
  10. Enjoy the ride: As you readers may know, I am a big proponent of aggressively going after your goals, but I also understand the value of taking time to reflect on your work, but in the sense that it’s not over, you still have more to do, more to accomplish, but enjoy your journey


Here’s to your success at moving past failure to success,